Two Crazy Cats

crockett and tubbs

Crockett and Tubbs are two crazy cats! They are a couple of black and white moggies that live with me, or rather I live with them since they more or less have the run of the place. Purchased for £15 from a chap in Biddenden up the road, they were an absolute steal – great fun and good company though a bit overbearing at times. I think C and T definitely have some Siamese cat ancestry, more than likely traditional Siamese rather than modern – rather ugly imo – big eared Siamese breeds. They have got quite round faces ( apple-heads as breeders call them) , sleek, muscular bodies and beautiful, soft, shiny fur – it is exceptionally fine and shiny, more than any other cats I can remember stroking! Crockett and Tubbs are a also couple of real characters! Crockett – the one with the white spot on his nose – regularly talks to me and goes mad when its playtime. He also likes popcorn. Tubbs likes to play fetch – i throw his mousey toy and he brings it back to me, and we then rinse and repeat a while. They are like dogs really and they follow me everywhere! They are very good natured and have never bitten or scratched me in anger, only when playing.  I keep them indoors because the area around my home isn’t the best for cats plus my previous cat ( a pedigree Norwegian forest cat ) went missing so I am  a little paranoid about letting them out. But I am seriously thinking about taking Crockett and Tubbs for walks. I think it might just work if I used a long lead!

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