Totnes in Devon is one of those towns known as transitional or – “A Transition Town” . This has something to do with the promotion, participation and encouragement of new age, hippy-dippy, alternative and ecological thoughts and feelings through the medium of town. A Transition Town is ideally a town emboldened by self-sufficiency and community, a town ready to withstand the future socio-economic problems and pitfalls of climate change and peak oil. How does a town do this? Via the application of ecologically sound and green-friendly ideas such as permaculture and alternative economic ideas such as local currency to encourage and sustain local business.

totnes pearly king
totnes pearly king

Needless to say there was a pleasantly alternative atmosphere in the town with plenty of dreadlocks, tye-dye clothing and attractive women wearing big, ugly, doctor martin boots. I hate to stereotype but its true! To be fair, there was a good mix of all types of people – posh out-of-towners, locals, the young and the old.

It was market day in sunny Totnes when we visited. One could buy loads of old carpentry tools and/or teeth-shatteringly expensive vegan cuisine if they so wished. I had spicy hot bbq chorizo wrap which was nice. I met a pearly king – he must have got lost down an alley at a London market and ended up in a Totnes Market – I suspect Mary Poppins had something to do with this sorcery. He was a very nice chap and we chatted for a while about photography.

I nearly purchased an old manual lens but did not have the adaptor needed to try it with my camera. So i gave it a miss and in hindsight i’m glad i did. Buying old manual lenses can be quite an addiction. They can be quite cheap and very good but i think this one would have been mediocre at best.

We had a nice devonshire cream tea on Totnes High Street. The scones where the size of buns and served with loads of clotted cream and loads of strawberry jam. It was diabetes on a plate. And it was good!

At the end of the visit we met a couple of street performers outside Totnes Castle. I took a few pictures of them, they didn’t mind as long as i sent them the images later. They were really nice people ( and a bit drunk! )

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