Faversham Boatyard

Faversham is situated about 5 miles south of the Isle of Sheppey. Sheppey is separated from mainland Kent by a strip of water known as “The Swale” or the River Swale. It is not actually a river however because it is an area of water with no source that is under the influence of tidal forces. A tributary of the Swale meanders its way into Faversham from the north-east and this is where Faversham Boatyard is located.

The Boatyard is a really interesting and atmospheric place. Its got nice boats, nasty boats, half finished boats, rusty boats – there are a lot of boats there of all shapes and sizes. Many people live there, either on their boats or in caravans near their boats. I was taking a picture of an old shack with a lovely green garden next to an old derelict boat – the┬ánext thing I knew an eccentric looking old lady came out of the shack with a waggy fingered face of fierce annoyance ordering me to stop taking pictures of her home. I made my apologies and ran off before she had a chance to put a curse on me.

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