Collection of photos of ducks.


Collection of starlings photos featuring the birds in different locations, male and female, juvenile, adult and old.


Robin looking for Food in the Grass

Shots of the most popular and friendly british bird, the robin redbreast, in my friend’s back garden. He was hopping around looking for food and eventually found it in the form of a nice juicy worm.

The Deer Park at Boughton Monchelsea

The Deer Park is situated near Boughton Monchelsea in Kent. The pictures were shot at the back of St Peter’s church, in the graveyard. The graveyard sits some 4 metres above the park and shows a great elevated view of the deer and surrounding landscape as the ground falls away downhill. There are a large amount of deer on display, adults and children frolicking about and eating the green grass contentedly. The park is owned by Boughton Monchelsea Place, a nearby manor house of which the park is part of its estate.


Various assorted images of pigeons showing them in various situations and styles, some are close up picks, others are further away. Some of the pigeons have crazy speckled and spotted markings and strange colours. Others are your common grey variety. Some refer to them dismissively as “rats with wings” due to their large numbers and supposed uncleanliness :- pigeons may be common (in the UK at least) but they can still be beautiful. Did you know a white pigeon looks an awful lot like a dove? Doves are pretty aren’t they. And pigeons can be pretty too. If you look closely at a large group of pigeons you will likely find they can have a wide variety of different colours and patterns, white patches, speckles and freckles. Does this variation come from cross-breeding with doves? Could be.


Garden Birds

Collection of garden bird photos featuring finches, tits, robins, blackbirds and hopefully woodpeckers among others.

Starlings Looking for Food

A few shots of a group of starlings looking for food, poking about in the grass down by the river Medway in Maidstone.

Starlings Fighting / Loving?

A couple of starlings outside my home, down on the pavement, getting physical. I’m not sure if this is some kind of mating ritual or what. Are they fighting, are they playing or are they lovin’ ? I think male and female starlings look the same so there is no clue in their appearance. All I know is I crept a little bit too close to them and they spotted me and flew off superfast. I think starlings are really beautiful birds – that sleek beak look makes them ” the concorde of birds ” for me.

Grey Wagtail fishing for dinner at Loose Stream

I spotted a grey wagtail at loose stream near maidstone, kent, ¬†hopping and bopping about, looking for some food for . He eventually hopped down to the water’s edge to do a spot of fishing and caught a himself a little shrimp.


Selection of images showing blackbirds – juveniles, males and females from around England and the United Kingdom.