Photo Usage Rules

The rules and regulations regarding usage of the photos in my blog are laid out in the Creative Commons Licence described below:-

So basically, you can use the pictures as found on this site for free. for any purposes you want as long as you give me some recognition as the original author of the work. Most pictures already come with a watermark anyway but a link would be nice 🙂 If you want to make alterations to the photo pic please contact me first.You can also contact me if you would like a clean copy of the picture minus any watermarks. I can also provide high resolution copies of any image on my blog, up to dimensions of 4000 x 3000. I would ask for a small charge for the high res image, that can be discussed when you contact me.

So in summary please contact me directly by email at if:

  • You would like a watermark free photo
  • You would like to make alterations to a photo
  • You would like a high resolution copy of a photo

And i will get back to you as quickly as possible 🙂 Otherwise, feel free to use the photos on this photoblog