Steam Train and Boat Journey from Churston to Dartmouth

The trip starts at the village of Churston near Brixham in Devon. It seemed a good idea to take the trip to Dartomuth by train because, a) it seemed fun to go on a steam train journey and b) there is no parking in Dartmouth. Also, we needed to take a boat across the mouth of the Dart River to the main town on the west bank and the best way to get a ticket was a package deal with the steam train.

The train stations, both at Churston and Dartmouth, were decorated in the old fashioned late victorian style with old piles of luggage and old adverts. When I first stepped onto the platform I felt a strong urge to grow a handlebar moustache and smoke a pipe. I also briefly scanned the area trying to find a young urchin to clip round the back of the head for no reason. But my search proved fruitless. Ah well.