Torquay is the jewel in the crown of the “english riviera” , an area in South Devon situated around the Torbay area of Brixham, Paignton and Torquay.  The large harbour dominates the sea front, with a fantastically big, big wheel nearby, just like one found in London – the London Eye.

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Lots of tourists – including me and my family.

The whelks were mediocre – and expensive.

Brixham in Devon

Took my hols in Brixham, Devon recently, very nice little fishing town. Nice whelks. Its difficult to get good whelks nowadays it seems. When they’re good they’re very good but when they’re bad – ugh! I have found via experience this rules seems to apply to most seafood. But I’m not sure about jellied eels though – i’ve never eaten any nice jellied eels.

Anyway, the harbour is very pretty as is the surrounding area, and the people are very friendly and laid back. This makes a change from my area, where many people seem to busy and/or self possessed to give a monkeys about anyone else. 🙁 Or is it just me?

Starlings Looking for Food

A few shots of a group of starlings looking for food, poking about in the grass down by the river Medway in Maidstone.

Starlings Fighting / Loving?

A couple of starlings outside my home, down on the pavement, getting physical. I’m not sure if this is some kind of mating ritual or what. Are they fighting, are they playing or are they lovin’ ? I think male and female starlings look the same so there is no clue in their appearance. All I know is I crept a little bit too close to them and they spotted me and flew off superfast. I think starlings are really beautiful birds – that sleek beak look makes them ” the concorde of birds ” for me.

Grey Wagtail fishing for dinner at Loose Stream

I spotted a grey wagtail at loose stream near maidstone, kent,  hopping and bopping about, looking for some food for . He eventually hopped down to the water’s edge to do a spot of fishing and caught a himself a little shrimp.


Selection of images showing blackbirds – juveniles, males and females from around England and the United Kingdom.

St Peters Church, Boughton Monchelsea

St Peters Church is situated in a lovely location on the outskirts of Boughton Monchelsea on a hillside overlooking Boughton Park and its verdant fields redolent with wild deer.

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River Medway Birds

A collection of bird photos from on and around the River Medway in Kent.

All Saints Church in Loose

All Saints Church in Loose is a beautiful old church with a beautiful churchyard in a beautiful village. Beautiful! An ancient churchyard surrounds the church on all sides and features some really interesting old graves. The church is built on a significant slope so the grounds to the rear of the building are raised up to overlook the adjacent vicarage and its pretty gardens. The churchyard extends down the slope away from the church where it meets a raised wall overlooking the picturesque loose stream and path as the they meander towards the chequers pub nearby.

The church and churchyard are very old and the site dates back at least to the norman invasion of 1066 – a yew tree on the site is actually mentioned in the historical Domesday Book of 1086. The church is in active and busy use and is home to a large and enthusiastic congregation from the village and surrounding area.

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