tyrannosaurus-rex-eating-preyNew section added featuring pictures of dinosaurs! A large variety of images include collections for amphibians, early mammals, armoured dinosaurs and strange dinosaurs. A nice, modern collection showing some vividly coloured dinosaurs and also partially feathered ones, in accordance with current opinion regarding the appearance of dinosaurs.

White Dwarf Magazine Covers

white-dwarf-48Large collection of White Dwarf covers added to the magazine cover section. White dwarf is a cult magazine first started in 1977 and interested in role playing and table top games. It was published by games workshop and originally featured a wide variety of games features from dungeons and dragons and call of cthuhlu to games workshop’s own products such as fighting fantasy books and Warhammer. Eventually it changed and transformed into a magazine specifically for Warhammer vanilla and 40000 versions, promoting the myriad new figures, objects and products connected to the hobby.

The covers in this collection are from the first issue to the time period just before the magazine changed to featuring games workshop only products. The later magazines feature, in my opinion, less attractive covers. The mid-period magazines in particular feature some fantastic sci-fi and fantasy art that was never matched in later issues. There are a few missing issues which i hope to find in future. There is nothing more on the internet that i can find so will have to find and scan the originals I think!