Birth of a Lava Lamp

When you first buy a lava lamp it is basically unborn – a foetus of cold rubbery goo sitting still and motionless at the bottom of a glass container. To make things happen one must birth the lava lamp by connecting it to some power volts and switching on the hot bulb under the lamp. The goo is then heated and magically comes to life. These are photographic observations of the birth of a lava lamp, taken round Austin’s house one lazy weekday afternoon when we had nothing better to do.

Some of the pictures are not of the greatest quality – we were experimenting with my new camera using different lenses and equipment and such like to get good macro close up shots. This involved using various paraphernalia such as extension tubes with manual focus in poor light – never a good combination if you want to get good, sharp shots. So these are my numerous excuses why some of the shots are out of focus and I’m sticking to ’em! But I still managed to snap a few keepers.