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Steam Train and Boat Journey from Churston to Dartmouth

steam train driver

The trip starts at the village of Churston near Brixham in Devon. It seemed a good idea to take the trip to Dartomuth by train because, a) it seemed fun to go on a steam train journey and b) there

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totnes market

Totnes in Devon is one of those towns known as transitional or – “A Transition Town” . This has something to do with the promotion, participation and encouragement of new age, hippy-dippy, alternative and ecological thoughts and feelings through the

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torquay big wheel sideways view

Torquay is the jewel in the crown of the “english riviera” , an area in South Devon situated around the Torbay area of Brixham, Paignton and Torquay. ┬áThe large harbour dominates the sea front, with a fantastically big, big wheel

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Brixham in Devon

seagull on row boat

Took my hols in Brixham, Devon recently, very nice little fishing town. Nice whelks. Its difficult to get good whelks nowadays it seems. When they’re good they’re very good but when they’re bad – ugh! I have found via experience

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Hothfield Heath

sunset sunrays through the clouds

Hothfield Heath is a beautiful piece of heathland found near the village of Hothfield in Kent. Its a nice place and there is free parking nearby. When I went there were a few dog walkers around but it was pretty

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Faversham Boatyard

iron wharf boatyard shack

Faversham is situated about 5 miles south of the Isle of Sheppey. Sheppey is separated from mainland Kent by a strip of water known as “The Swale” or the River Swale. It is not actually a river however because it

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Vinters Valley Nature Reserve

mossy log by the lake

There exists a large housing estate on the outskirts of Maidstone known as Vinters Park Housing Estate. That estate keeps a secret – deep in the bowels of its labyrinthine system of roads and paths there lies a mysterious but

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