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Leeds Churchyard

metal iron gravestone

Leeds Churchyard is located in Leeds village in Kent. The village is situated about 5 miles outside of Maidstone and is probably most famous for being the home to the historical site and tourist attraction that is Leeds Castle. This

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Loose Churchyard

ancient yew tree in loose chuchyard

Loose Churchyard is located around the church in the centre of Loose Village near Maidstone in Kent. The site itself is very old and has been used as a religious centre since at least the early middle ages around the

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East Farleigh Churchyard

churchyard view from farleigh hill

East Farleigh Churchyard is found in the grounds of  at the top of Station Road opposite The Bull Pub. East Farleigh and its environs are essentially located in a valley created by the River Medway. The rear of the churchyard

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Faversham Parish Churchyard


Faversham Parish Churchyard is located around St Mary of Charity Church in the middle of the small town. Its very well kept with a large variety of different and interesting graves populating the green areas around the church. [flexiblemap address=”st mary

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Harrietsham Churchyard


Harrietsham Churchyard is located in the grounds of St John the Baptist Church just on the outskirts of the village, by the playing field. [flexiblemap address=”st john the baptist church,harrietsham,kent” width=”100%” showinfo=”false” height=”220″ id=”map” ]

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