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Images and wallpapers featuring Star Wars characters, places, vehicles, robots, spaceships and planets.

Star Wars is a highly successful science fiction fantasy film released in 1977. It was so successful it not only transformed the film business it transformed popular culture as well. The film and its sequels made so much money, they changed the way popular films are produced and marketed forever. The focus changed from the film itself to the toys and other paraphernalia that could be sold along with the films. This is where the most money could be made. Everybody knows Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Han Solo. Even 8 year old kids know who they are, the story of the battle between the Rebels and the Empire having been passed from father to son like some old mythic legend told around a campfire.

Star Wars tells the story of a young boy called Luke who discovers he has special latent powers known as the Force. Guided by his new-found mentor Obi Wan Kenobi, he discovers and develops these powers. Luke then accidentally gets involved in the fight between the Rebels and the Empire when an old robot he finds near his house, R2D2, relays a distress message from Princess Leia. Luke then joins the good guys and blows up the bad guys big, bad, planet destroyer, the Death Star, using his new force powers. He was really, really lucky though because, as Han Solo says afterwards, it was a shot in a million.

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