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A large selection of sports wallpapers and images for computers, laptops, mobiles and smartphones. They feature images from sports such as american football, golf and tennis. All the images, backgrounds and wallpapers in this collection are completely free to download and use for your personal pleasure on your computing devices. These may include your phone, tablet, laptop, computer or all of the above. They are not to be used for business or promotional purposes.

Since the dawn of human existence, images of sporting prowess have been hugely popular in our lives and culture. Even the original prehistoric cave paintings featured athletic hunters fighting with mammoths, sabre-toothed tigers and other wild beasts. If we move forward in history we come to the greco-romans and their love for sport and the body beautiful. The Greeks developed the idea of competitive sporting events in the form of the ancient Olympics. They filled their culture with athletic sculptures, mosaics and murals dedicated to the ideals of sporting excellence. The Romans also loved their sporting spectacles, no matter how cruel or depraved. Depictions of gladiators in battle were a common subject of the imagery found in their art. In Greek and Roman mythology, Hercules (or Herakles in Greek) was like an ancient sporting hero, championed and idolised, immortalised in word and image for his great feats of strength and bravery.

In modern day sports, the images and photos we produce continue to show an obsession with our sporting superstars. We seem to have an insatiable appetite for seeing their faces and bodies frozen in ecstasy or despair, we want to know what it feels like to be there, we need to feel their emotions. We want to be them, even it is for just the briefest of moments.

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