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A collection of seasonal wallpapers and images featuring autumn, winter, spring and summer. The Earth’s orbit of the Sun takes 365 days or 1 year and in the course of that year we experience 4 distinct climate alterations or seasons. These seasons are essential to all life on this Earth. Winter is cold and grey and the days are short. It is a time to stay inside and keep warm, to hibernate and prepare oneself the new season. Spring is when life starts again, with renewal, new growth and resurrection. Summer is long hot days and flowers in bloom, harvest time, birds singing in the trees and bees being busy collecting pollen. Autumn is contemplative browns and yellows, leaves falling from the trees, nature’s compost, preparation for winter and lots of mushrooms.

All the seasonal images, backgrounds and wallpapers in this collection are completely free to download and use for your personal pleasure on your computing devices. These may include your phone, tablet, laptop, computer or all of the above. They are not to be used for business or promotional purposes.

Seasonal Wallpapers

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