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A collection of images and wallpapers about Scary games. What is a scary game? I suppose murder in the dark is quite scary but the truly spooky games can be found on computers and consoles. The horror or survival horror genre is quite a new one where video games are concerned. It became really popular following the success of Resident Evil on the Playstation in the early 1990’s although there were many frightening games before that. One the first scary video games was probably 3d monster maze on the ZX81 computer. You the player was tasked with escaping a 3d maze while a terrifying monster stalked you. You never had any indication where the monster was so you could bump to it at any time. As you can imagine, the tension was high. The monster turned out to be a tyrannosaurus rex made from ascii characters and it was actually surprisingly terrifying to look at.

Survival horror is the king of the scary games. Alone in the Dark is widely regarded as the first survival horror game and it set the template for the others to come. The Resident Evil and Silent Hill series’, Alan Wake, Manhunt, Condemned, The Suffering and The Evil Within are just some of the survival horror games to have been released onto the unsuspecting public in recent years.

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