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A collection of wallpapers and images featuring puzzle games. There have been some fantastic puzzle games over the years such as Lumines, Puyo Puyo, Candy Crush Saga, Portal, Lemmings and many others. But the true daddy of them all is Tetris. Originating in Russia, after strange sequence of events the game eventually found its official release in the capitalist west via Nintendo. It was released on their Game Boy handheld console in the late 1980’s. It is the perfect puzzle game being simple to play, difficult to master and, most importantly, very very addictive.

There are many different types of puzzle game available. These include physics based games like Angry Birds and Peggle, and action based games - this is quite a broad definition and can include platformer type games such as Lode Runner and single screen object moving games such as Tetris. There are also hidden object games where you have to find items in a confined space or area and tile based games such as Candy Crush Saga. Finally there are the traditional puzzle games such as Solitaire, Scrabble, Peggle and many others.

All the images, backgrounds and wallpapers showing puzzle games in this collection are completely free to download and use for your personal pleasure on your computing devices. These may include your phone, tablet, laptop, computer or all of the above. They are not to be used for business or promotional purposes.

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