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A large selection of wallpapers and images showing paintings from many famous artists and painters. Painters include Vincent van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Claude Monet and Hieronymus Bosch. This collection complements the main collection of Art Wallpapers in the dedicated area of

Across the vast span of human existance there have existed many paintings by many different artists. From the simple finger painting on the wall of a cave to the elaborate religious masterpeice on the roof of a chapel, the artist seeks to express himself and communicate with the viewer. The viewer must judge the image he has created. For only through judgement can the artist's work be validated and marked as a success or failure. And all it takes is one positive judgement, one thumbs up, for the painting to be a success. A thousand viewers may scoff and belittle the work but all it takes is one viewer to think \"Yes, this has moved me. I feel changed.\" or even just to think \"Hmm, interesting \" and the artist has succeeded. For beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all it takes is one person to appreciate that beauty.

All the images, backgrounds and wallpapers in this collection are completely free to download and use for your personal pleasure on your computing devices. They may include your phone, tablet, laptop, computer or all of the above. They are not to be used for business or promotional purposes.

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