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A selection of Nintendo images and wallpapers from all their famous games including Super Mario Bros, Starfox, Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Pikmin and many others.

Nintendo means “leave luck to heaven” in English. The company is the granddaddy of the video gaming scene. They started business in the late 19th century and initially produced playing cards . They tried various new business ventures before focussing on toys in the 1960’s. In the 1970’s they ventured into electronic games and hired the young Shigeru Miyamoto to develop their first consoles - The Color TV Game series plugged into a television and offered a variety of built in games to choose from. The consoles had moderate success. In the 1980’s they started producing the very popular Game and Watch series of handheld games and also began producing large games cabinets for the arcades. The success of the Donkey Kong arcade machine after its release in 1981 transformed the company as licensing opportunities allowed Nintendo to make more profits. The game also introduced to the first iteration of Mario, who would go on to much greater things in many future games.

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