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Advertisements are the number one promotional tool used by every business to promote and sell their products and services. Adverts can be beautiful. Many older large adverts from the 19th century and 20th century were often posters with startling imagery to catch the eye and were often painted by hand prior to any printing process. They blur the lines between advert and work of art.

Long before the industrial revolution and capitalism even existed as concepts, advertising was used to promote and communicate to large numbers of people. For example the local village marketplace featured many signs promoting the fruits and vegetables and other local produce available to buy. The invention of the Gutenberg printing press in the the 15th century, in tandem with increasing literacy and the rise of the middle class across Europe, created a revolution in mass communication. Businesses (and political agitators) found a new medium through which they could send their messages to large amounts of people. The evolution of print technology led to the birth of mass distribution newspapers and magazines that followed a wide variety of subjects. Businesses could now target their customers more specifically by putting advertising in publications that complimented the products and services they were selling.

Now another revolution has taken place with the rapid rise of the internet. Rather than the traditional machine gun approach to advertising where, through mass promotion, businesses would hope their adverts would meet their target market, the internet offers a far more targeted approach. Thanks to anonymous data collection by Google and other companies, adverts shown to us as we browse the internet are tailored to our own personal preferences, based on our browsing and personal data.

All the advertisement images, backgrounds and wallpapers in this collection are completely free to download and use for your personal pleasure on your computing devices. These may include your phone, tablet, laptop, computer or all of the above. They are not to be used for business or promotional purposes.

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