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We would be interested in swapping links with any good quality site with content relating to computer wallpapers and / or any subject matter contained in our wallpapers. Page rank is not important, all we care about is swapping with genuine, good quality websites. Our view is as long as we keep good company link-wise and continue to strive to improve the site, our page rank will eventually take care of itself!

We can offer a range of link swaps, including site-wide link swaps or partner links, single link swaps or content specific link swaps - eg swap with nature wallpaper pages only. All we ask is that your site must be of a decent quality, must have a valid purpose, does not feature or promote criminal activity and does not feature adult or gambling content. If you want to swap links, contact the webmaster and we can set up the exchange.


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Blog search directory- Bloggernity search directory featuring loads of quality blogs

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