Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the wallpaper backgrounds on this site absolutely free?

All the content on this site is absolutely free. There are no hidden costs to incur and no hidden program downloads required to get the content on this website, just help yourself to what you want. All we do ask is that you observe the advertisements displayed on this site and click on them if you find them interesting. If you don't, then don't click!

How do I download a wallpaper?

You can download an image by finding the image you want and clicking on the download button at the top of the page.

Alternatively, you can download wallpaper by right-clicking on the image itself with your mouse and left-clicking "save image as" in the pop-up menu. This will allow you to save the image onto your computer and use as a wallpaper. You can also choose the option "set as desktop wallpaper" to immediately place the image on your desktop. This option does not allow you to specify a location the image is downloaded to.

How do I install a wallpaper on my computer?

  1. Right-click on your current desktop background.
  2. Left-click on the "Properties" option in the context menu that pops up.
  3. Left-click on the "Desktop" option tab at the top of the newly opened window.
  4. A list of images will be displayed at the bottom left of the window along with a preview of the current screensaver at the top center. Left-click on the browse button on the center-right of the window and browse your folders to your newly downloaded image. Left-click the image to select it as a desktop background.
  5. Customize the position and background colour of the selected image. A preview at the top-center of the window will show the current position and style of the image.
  6. When you are happy with the background image left-click on the "Apply" button on the bottom right to select it as your desktop background.

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